Jun 1 2015

Our McMenamins historians and artists are busy researching and painting new historic-based panels for our next property, McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell, Wash. (opening October 15, 2015). Here, artist Jenny Joyce offers insight into her latest piece, which is an homage to Doctor Hebbel Hoff, a Bothell native who taught at Baylor and pioneered advances in the field of heart and physiology research, including the beginning of pacemakers in the 1950s. Joyce drew inspiration—literally—from Hoff’s studies and findings to create an embodiment of his achievements, and like all who are personified in our artwork, illustrate his personality.

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May 21 2010

JJ BorderLast week, I worked with two other artists in Room 219 at Edgefield. I painted a border in the bathroom of that room, because it had been painted over due to water damage.

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Apr 10 2010

damaged NunI was closing in on the grand finale of the Blue Cheer painting and having a lot of fun with the panel when we got a message from the management at Old St. Francis School hotel in Bend, Ore., that a painting in the lobby of the theater had been keyed, or vandalized.

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Mar 15 2010

Blog update, March 15, 2010
It's the Ides of March, time for an update. I have finished the panel I was working on, the 4'x6' panel which is essentially a homage to Gary Ewing...

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Feb 25 2010

I am working on a 4'x6' panel, which will be in the new Crystal Hotel dining room and is a tribute to Gary Ewing, a figure well known in some circles for his psychedelic light shows.  

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